Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from the therapy process?

Making the decision to see a therapist can be difficult, and it’s Daniel’s goal to make the process as easy and clear as possible.

The initial therapy session, known as the “assessment,” is designed to help you identify and clarify your reasons for seeking help, set some goals, and ask questions about the process.

Daniel will also ask about your history, education, family, social and romantic relationships, and anything else that will help get a clear picture of who you are as a person. Daniel will discuss different options for treatment, and also get your feedback and expectations. Therapy is collaborative, and he wants to make sure you can ask questions, and feel comfortable with process.

After the first meeting, Daniel typically meets with client’s once a week for 50 minute sessions. Depending on your goals, Daniel may make recommendations or suggestions on things to work on between sessions.

How long is therapy?

Length of treatment is very different for everyone, and will depend on your personal goals, motivation, and availability. Daniel encourages client’s to come weekly for at least the first 3 sessions, in order to develop.

Most clients will start by coming in weekly, although others will come every other week, or even twice per week. Some clients come in for a “short term” issue, and may stay for 3-4 months, and often will come less frequently once the primarily issues begin to resolve. Other clients use therapy to explore underlying issues, and feel that consistent support is helpful to continue and maintain ongoing change.

Daniel encourages a collaborative discussion about treatment length and frequency, and wants clients to feel confident that therapeutic environment is working to help meet there goals and needs.


How do I know if therapy is working?

Progress in therapy can be difficult to measure, and varies from person to person. Some people see immediate changes by beginning the therapy process, while for others it can take longer to begin to feel better. Daniel will check in with you, and help find ways to measure progress, and make adjustments and suggestions to continue to help you meet your needs.

What is your availability?

Daniel currently has daytime and evening availability from Monday to Thursdays. Please contact 646-459-0384, or use the contact form to book an appointment. Daniel makes every effort to accommodate each client’s schedule.


Do you take insurance? How much does therapy cost?

Daniel accepts all major insurances on an out-of-network basis. Please note that while he accepts many insurances companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Oxford, United, and Cigna (among many others), he is not an are not an “in-network” provider.

Daniel has an office manager that can check your benefits, explain your benefits, and file all insurance claims. Each insurance plan is different, and client’s have said that they find it helpful that Daniel’s office manages this aspect of treatment for them.

Cost of treatment will depend on insurance coverage. In some cases, insurance will not cover treatment, and Daniel will always try to work out a rate that works for each client.

Daniel accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards for any co-payments, or private pay.